Being who you are is the most COURAGEOUS thing you can do!

Soul Trek Experience

Soul Trek is a series of workshops, seminars and individual sessions led by Anasha Munay and other Mindfulness based practitioners/ experts in various healing fields. 

The goal of Soul Trek is for individuals of all ages to know; ones life is a journey. This journey is filled with both treasures and bumps, which we call experiences. These experiences help to form the foundation of our outward expression. 

It is within Soul Trek one explores their journey with care, exploring the many ways it reflects and challenges how one "shows up" in life.

Allow me to assist you in transforming your mind. Lets work together to dismantell the old thought patterns of lack, that contribute to pain and steal joy. Lets write new narratives. Reflect on your true power, bask in your own light! You are a beautiful reflection of the Divine, you deserve to feel the fullness of this statement in every moment... this is who you are!

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