Being who you are is the most COURAGEOUS thing you can do!

Sangha Living


What is Sangha Living? 

A Sangha is a collective of individuals who intentionally decide to practice living Mindfully (with genuine intention) together. Our company was born out of our desire to live a life that truly reflects who we are, explain our purpose, and create avenues to express it. 

Sangha Living is a healing home, a place of refuge for those who desire to experience what "living life on purpose" feels like. 

Our Sangha:

1. Allows space for one to pause, reflect, make adjustments, to move forward with confidence and ease. 

2. Demonstrates vulnerability through the many ways each contributer shares their Spritual gifts. 

3. Embodies the notion, we are ALL here to share the highest versions of ourselves. We demonstrate and encourage "JUST BEING"- showing up in your full glory, however that may look for you, at whatever stage of the process you are.

Our sangha assist us ALL in putting the pieces together. 

Anasha Vanessa Chavez- Asforis, MSW, Master Manifester, Healer is its steward. TruBros, Munay, and Soul Trek are the brands used to express the essence of our Sangha.